Our mission is to enable everyone to clean more effectively. We believe cleaning should be perceived as something enjoyable and that’s why we create durable quality products designed for a longer lifetime.

A brand new line of premium cleaning equipment

For over 40 years we have been developing and realizing ideas and products for better cleaning for professional users. But why stop there? We’re proud to present Nordic Stream – Enjoy Cleaning® – a cleaning system with its roots in professional cleaning now made available for everyone.


Focusing on design and quality, in all aspects, we offer a complete cleaning concept that brings more value for both retailers and end consumers. We help you put together a more appealing product range and attract new customers.


We create and deliver unique cleaning products to represent Nordic Stream or your brand as private label always with the end-user in focus. Premium products that stand out and make cleaning a pleasure.

In focus

Meet us at ambiente

Feb 8th – 12th we will exhibit at Ambiente in Frankfurt. Our new system is here and it’s packed with innovations! We are proud to present a new flexible range of high quality products, better than ever before! New optimized packaging, perfect for rebranding or as is! You ́ll find us in the Dining section, category: housewares & storage Hall 12.1 Stand No. E69

Product big image

4z system

4z patented mop

4z frame

4z handle

4z bucket & wringer

Light weight system

Bucket & Wringer

Refill Mop Frame Hook & Loop, Pocket

Fixed & Telescopic Handle

Viscose Mop Kit

Floor Cleaning Kit Hook & Loop

Floor Cleaning Kit Pocket

Floor cleaning Kit Display 1/2 & 1/4 Pallet

Viscose Kit Display 1/2 & 1/4 Pallet

Quick click system

Bucket cleaning kit

Bucket & wringer

Dust pan set

Floor cleaning kit

Handle and Frame

Kitchen towel

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber Duster

Microfiber sponge

Multi cleaner

Spray mop kit

Window cleaner

We're moving in

Appearance is everything. Through clear segmentation and efficient exposure we will help you increase sales, profit and customer benefits. Our cleaning products stand out. Nordic Stream communicates quality, innovation and exclusiveness. 


NORDIC STREAM develop your unique private label products. From idea to launch all without any obligations or risks.

Meet our clients

Customized for the Norweigan market

”We have been doing business with Nordic Stream for more than ten years and developed a very good relationship. They have run various innovation projects for us, producing different cleaning kits mainly aimed at the Norweigan retail market.”

Henning Andrè Raab, Purchasing Manager Lilleborg.

Growing big in Switzerland

”Nordic Stream has been one of our suppliers for several years now. They are service minded and their deliveries have always been punctual and satisfactory. Nordic Stream’s products have become an important part of our cleaning label Miobrill.” 

Marisa Dinkel, Category Field Manager Migros.

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We keep it clean

About us

Inspiration from the creative part of Sweden

We are experts when it comes to cleaning and we aim to maintain our reputation as a responsible and reliable business partner. By managing the entire process, from design and production to delivery, we ensure each item meets your strict demands regarding function and quality with very high service level. We co-operate only with our approved suppliers, we use our own engineers and inspectors, but also third party labs or independent inspectors when necessary.


We deliver to customers all around the globe from international retail chains to local wholesalers under our brand Nordic Stream Enjoy Cleaning or private label. Timely delivery is guaranteed through Nordic Stream’s dependable distribution network. We understand that success depends on products being in the right place at the right time.

Great products start with great ideas

At Nordic Stream we nurture, develop and realize ideas, giving them a clean, successful start in life. We are specialized in the development and manufacture of manual tools for the global cleaning market. Guided by vast knowledge in terms of function, design and cost, we create and deliver unique cleaning products to represent your business and honor your brand name.


We ensure that all demands regarding function, design and quality are met at every step of the project. We also perform compliance testing so you have the comfort of knowing the products meet all necessary legal requirements as well as high quality standards. A regard for quality is central to everything we do, and we take full responsibility for the entire process from idea to finished production to delivery at your warehouse.

The Nordic Stream way of business

  • Our objective is to live up to the highest level of Quality and Service in everything we do.
  • Delivered products and services must meet every customers unique needs, and must be delivered in due time and in conformity to all agreements between us and each customer.
  • We will not intentionally give any expectations for our products or services to an extent higher than we will live up to.
  • Products and processes are in the focus to continuously try out and implement the suitable improvements to our company’s products and services. With this we strive for the very best customer satisfaction and the contribution to sustainable development.
  • Within sustainable development we strive to live up with every customer’s unique expectation. Each and every requirement from customer should be communicated to suppliers and taken into consideration in all processes.
  • We implement to the ordinary processes the obligations to show how demands from laws, regulations and other requirements are met. Together with customers, suppliers and other parties we co-operate to all have the objective we are reasonable up-to-date within these areas.
  • We should always be able to guide the customer to the latest and best production methods and materials for both the hardware and textile. To fulfill this we always need to keep up an in-depth expertise of product trends, manufacturing excellence and material design within our industry.
  • All employees at Nordic Stream shall be aware of this policy and its practice.

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