Innovation in every detail

By choosing Nordic Stream you take a shortcut to a clean home. Our products are made for your enjoyment.

Nordic Stream – Professional cleaning supply, in your home.


Cleaning kits, buckets, rubber brush etc


Multi tools, sponges, tile brush and floor squeegee


Duster, Cloths, Multi tools and sponges


Window kits and cloths


Refills, Storage hangers etc

Enjoy Cleaning

Spread the word, let cleaning be a joyfull experience. Our mission is to make you long for the next accident, your kids spilling, your pet running in with dirty paws or whatever may happen in your life. – Enjoy cleaning

When everything just clicks!

The Quick click system, is our unique solution. Pick and chose what tools you need, mix and match. Basically every product can be matched together, for a  joyful and efficient cleaning experience!